Technic Gas Platform (part 2)

 We finally end this massive project, and it turn out very cool. It was already displayed in 2 portugueses events, and we could hear a lot of wow's when the visitors see it for the first time. 

We managed to motorize some functions, so the drill section in the midlle goes up and down will rotating at the same time, both crane rotates and one of them tilt at same time, the rescue boats goes up and down when someone come near the platform (ultrasonic sensor). All this movement are powered by 3 NXT's modules.

 I will just like to say that this project was a great aventure that last a couple of years, but the final result was just a pride and a big feeling of acomplisment for all of us. 

 Some photos:

at home and in the Arte em Peças 2015 event:
I had to move the platform a few cm at home because i didn't have enough clearance for the center section.

Oil/Gas Platform

Next time i assemble it i will take a video to show how motorized functions behave. Feel free to comment!


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