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Instructions Page

I have created a new page to list all my Mocs instructions feel free to downlaod them. For now i have just listed the Swing Ride Moc, very soon i will upload the Carrousel Moc instructions.

Simpsons Band

This construction was made to a workshop that I organized a few weeks ago for the children over 9 years. 
 It was great all managed to create their own mecanized stage and in the end they were delighted with every movement. 
 I will put here the instruction later this weeks i just have to modify 2 steps that contains mistakes.

Space Battle Ride

This is a very famous carnival rides, with two diferent rotation and a eccentric axle the ships goes up and down in a random way while they turn arround .

Technic Gas Platform (part 2)

We finally end this massive project, and it turn out very cool. It was already displayed in 2 portugueses events, and we could hear a lot of wow's when the visitors see it for the first time. 
We managed to motorize some functions, so the drill section in the midlle goes up and down will rotating at the same time, both crane rotates and one of them tilt at same time, the rescue boats goes up and down when someone come near the platform (ultrasonic sensor). All this movement are powered by 3 NXT's modules.

Now in English

I decided that from now on I will write my post's in English, to be able to share my hobby in a more international way.

In no way I want to offend the Portuguese language which is a very pretty one, but it is not exactly a language accessible to most people.

So from now on you will find tons of grammar errors, nothing new since in Portuguese also had tons of them. The past post will not be translate to english, the past is the past and i want to focus in the future.
I am also considering whether or not I should sell some of my best instructions mocs, I'm still considering this question, in the next days I will decide what I'll do.

In the next days / weeks I will also bombard this blog with countless moc's not presented here in the last past months. So I hope you will like these new moc's.

If you have any question or opinion you can contact me via mail(view this page) or leave here a comment (I speak  Portuguese, French and English so you can use any one of these 3 …