On this page you will find free instructions or LDD file of MOCs designed by me.
I chose to not charge anything for something related to this hobby, I build simply for pleasure and if someone wants to recreate a building that should mean that I developed something minimally interesting.

Of course, if you like one of this models after you have built it and if you want to pay me something in return I would be grateful because it would serve as a way for me to finance this hobby and create more and better models and get to share with you guys more instructions or ldd files.

That said feel free to download and build anything you find here, just please send me a feedback of your final models and if you feel generous just contact me.

Some instructions or LDD files were never tested in the version available on this page (usually my digital constructions are more complete than the actual brick-built model), if you discover any errors or problems during construction or with the models itself  contact me I will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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